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My Overcoming Obstacles Interview with Brian Tracy

Kiss That FrogI was excited about speaking with my friend and best-selling author Brian Tracy this Thursday, Feb. 9th. I have known Brian for twenty-five years and cannot wait to soak up his brilliance!

During this special Credibility Live event, you too can ask Brian Tracy your own questions using the chat widget on the Credibility Live page.

In preparation for my conversation, I was fortunate to receive an advanced copy of Brian’s upcoming book:

Kiss That Frog:
12 Great Ways to Turn Negatives into Positives in Your Life and Work

What follows is a summary of the 12 ways to turn negatives into positives:

  1. Identify the frogs in your life, the negative people, situations and memories that keep you stuck in the swamp of negative emotions
  2. Realize and accept that you are a thoroughly good person with enormous potential to live an extraordinary life
  3. Decide today to confront any negative situation in your life and get rid of it once and for all
  4. Identify the factors that cause you to experience negative emotions, especially anger, and begin changing your thinking in each area. Repeat the words “I am responsible” over and over until they become a permanent part of your personality
  5. Refuse to criticize, condemn or blame anyone else for anything. Instead, accept complete responsibility for everything you are or will ever be
  6. Accept yourself unconditionally, and build your self-esteem daily by repeating continually, “I like myself!
  7. Decide exactly what you really want in life and then think and talk about it all the time. Get so busy working on achieving something that is important to you that you have no time to think about the frogs that can hold you back
  8. Free yourself from the feelings of guilt by refusing to be manipulated by the frog of guilt, and by refusing to use it on anyone else
  9. Look for something good in every problem, difficult or frog you face. You will always find some way to benefit
  10. Seek the valuable lesson in every setback or obstacle, and strive to learn from every problem you face, every frog you have to deal with
  11. Treat every person you meet as if he or she was the most important person in the world, the handsome prince or the beautiful princess
  12. Practice the seven keys to becoming a purely positive person and release you full potential to become everything you are capable of becoming.

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